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Electric Motors and Controls

Since 1916, Benson Electric Company has had an electric motor department providing industrial, commercial, and residential electric motor repair and sales.
Electric Motor

Electric Motors and Controls

As a division of Benson Electric Company, Electric Motors and Controls services and reconditions up to 300 HP electric motors with new bake-out and burn-out ovens.

Our motor shop and machinists have over 60 years of experience allowing service of virtually any make/type of rotating apparatus:
Electric Motors
Overhead Hoists and Cranes
Shaker Equipment and Associated Motor Controls
Our electric motor shop is a distributor and service center for Baldor, Leeson, World Wide, A.O. Smith, Leeson/Lincoln, WEG electric motors, and many others! Contact us today to discuss our pick-up and delivery options, scheduled service, and 24-hour emergency service for all our customers!

Controls for Industrial and Commercial Applications

As technology has evolved and advanced, so has Benson Electric Company's investment in providing our customers with the latest electric control panels, starters, and relays for automation of your facility.

Our professional staff is available to assist with designing the proper control panels for your industry. Or technicians are fully trained and capable of troubleshooting electric controls for most industrial and commercial applications. Benson Electric Company's primary concern when troubles arise is for us to get your facility up and running as quickly as possible! Contact us today to discuss your needs.

Infrared Thermography Inspection

Benson Electric Company's Infrared Thermography Inspection detects abnormal heating caused by poor connections, short circuits, overloads, load imbalances, and faulty, mismatched, or improperly installed components in your electrical system.

In mechanical systems, overheating can be caused by internal problems in motors, misaligned equipment, improper lubrication of rotating components, and improper tension on drive belts.

Once issues are detected by our advanced infrared camera, we can categorize each problem in severity and then develop and execute a repair plan to address each matter.
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