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Our full-service capabilities enable us to provide our customers everything that is needed to complete a job of any size in a timely manner and with great attention to detail.
Renewable Energy

Solar Power & Backup Energy

Benson Electric is helping power the future of solar energy in Duluth/Superior and surrounding areas. Since 2018, we have installed or been part of over 100 residential and commercial solar electric systems throughout the area including Ecolibrium3 Solar Garden and Canal Park Brewery.

We are a UL Certified PV Installer specializing in the sales, design, and installation of solar electric and backup energy storage systems for commercial buildings and residential homes.

Take Advantage of Incentives

The Solar Investment Tax Credit is a federal tax credit for those who purchase and install residential or commercial solar energy systems. The credit, which is applied to a homeowner’s federal income tax return debt, is equal to a percentage of the cost of eligible equipment. Contact us today to discuss your solar project and if you could benefit from the tax credit. The sooner you act the more you can start saving!
Solar Investment Tax Credit to 2024
Top 10 Benefits of Going Solar

Going Solar

There are many benefits of solar installation, from saving money to having a lower impact on the environment. The average homeowner saves $1,000 a year on energy bills, and through net metering, you can sell excess energy back to the utility company — making you extra cash! Below are 10 of the top reasons you should go solar!
Start Saving From Day 1
Low Payback Period
Increase Your Home Value
Take Advantage of Incentives
Solar is a Secure Investment
Guaranteed Performance
Save the Environment
Create Energy Independence
Solar is Easy
Save Thousands of Dollars
Solar Power Ready

Find out the solar potential of your Duluth home with this interactive map!

It May Feel Scary Going Solar...

Though it may feel like a daunting process, our professional and educated team is here for you every step of the way from estimation to installation! Give us a call or send us a message below to contact our Solar Team!

Virtual Estimate

Our Solar Team can provide you a no-obligation basic quote, including savings from local and federal incentives. We consider your average monthly utility usage and use satellite imagery of your roof to determine your ideal system size.

Site Assessment

One of our System Designers will do a no-obligation in-person survey of your property to obtain a more accurate proposal and design the best system for you.

New Construction

When you are ready, send us a copy of your plan set to receive a free consultation with a system designer. Then schedule a pre-wire to make your home solar-ready, or design a system based on your roof layout to maximize solar production and meet your energy needs.


There are many different incentives, programs, and loans to help finance your new solar installation. The Center for Energy and Environment is a non-profit organization that offers energy efficiency solutions and low-interest financing for homeowners and businesses with secured/unsecured loans, home energy or improvement loans, and solar financing loans.

How Solar Energy Works

We Have One Goal In Mind

Our main goal is to provide homeowners in the Northland with a simple and cost-effective way to get the best solar technology, all while saving on their utilities. Our mission is to make homeowners’ lives better by reducing their energy bills, increasing their reliance on clean and renewable energy, and by providing a first-class customer experience through a fast, high-quality installation.

Contact us to schedule a free site assessment visit or virtual estimate. By answering a few basic questions about your building and electric usage, or scheduling a site assessment with our system designer, we can determine what type of solar system will work best for you.
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